Changes for 2017

*Exciting new Timetable launches Monday 6 February!*

You spoke, we listened.

A huge thank you to everyone that filled in our survey at the end of 2016. Karmea was created to support you, our  community, in your endurance sport adventures, and it’s fantastic to hear that you feel we are delivering!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The main aim of the survey was to hear what you have to say, review our services and classes, and act!  We have done just that.


Rather than spring it all on you, I thought I would write a quick note to let you know the main changes that we have made in response to your feedback, along with some exciting new classes!  We know that we aren’t going to please everyone, as blessed as we are with a rich diverse range of clients. But we hope that the changes will fire up your training, support you in your adventures, and enable you to get the most value for money with us.


Happy training,

– Coach Sarah Anne and the Karmea crew


New Timetable goes live Monday 6 February!  Check it out here



‘Masterclass’: Thursdays 6-7PM
We’re launching a new block of classes, aimed at specific strength for swim, bike, run and surf. These 8-10 week blocks of training will focus specifically on strength for a chosen sport, but will be equally beneficial to all for overall conditioning.

90min Turbo: Tuesdays 6:30-8pm
We will be trialing a 90min turbo class for the next 3 months. There was a big request for longer turbos. Due to coaching costs, these need to get good numbers to be viable. So if you asked for it then here it is 🙂

5:30am Rolling Classes: We will be trialing a new ‘ROLLING’ start time class on Tuesdays. You can choose to start your class at 5:30am, 5:45am, 6am or later, and train on a set circuit for 30mins or 90mins.  The charge for this class is the same regardless of duration you choose.  You will still be required to book in for the class, your start time is up to you.  Again we will be trailing this for 3months, so if this was your request or sounds good to you, get booked in!



Specific Class Descriptions: All of our classes have now been allocated a specific description and target, so that you can better plan your training.  We hope that this will allow you to come to two to three circuit classes a week, as each class is targeted in a different way, choose from pure resistance and strength, or one that’s more cardio based.  These descriptions will also help you understand why we structure the week as we do.

Overlapping Classes: We have removed overlapping classes and ‘flowed’ classes into one another to enable you to train for two sessions in a row (with the exception of our Thursday run crew/Turbo overlap as we feel this is aimed at different people.)

Booking Deadlines: So that we can better manage staffing and costs, we will be implementing a 30min booking restriction on all classes. This means you need to book your classes more than 30mins in advance of the start time.  If you want to book in late, then the system will ask you to call the studio to confirm your place.

TRX: Classes have been consolidated due to low numbers across our two existing classes. TRX will now run 6-7PM on Tuesdays. If the demand arises we will add another back in.

9:30am Group Classes: For now these will run as planned in the schedule: circuits and strength Monday and Wednesday, and turbo on Thursday.  After 3 and a half years of putting my all into these classes, it’s time to admit this timeslot doesn’t seem to be our target audience. However I feel passionately about supporting those that do come to these classes.  SO bring your friends as I know you get a lot from the sessions. We had a great group form heading for Noosa last year and we will be aiming to target races later in the season.



This is something we review on a regular basis. With more and more training spaces opening up in the area, we keep a close eye on the competition.

We know we are unique in what we offer. No other space offers specific training for multisport, has the diversity of sessions designed and focused towards triathlon, cycling and running, or has the depth of qualified, passionate coaches, who have stood on the start line of most of the events you are training for.

Our pricing will not alter, or adjust as we believe we offer good value for the service we provide.

Yes, we are more expensive for yoga classes than some stand alone yoga studios. But with a max of 10 people in our classes as opposed to 40 at a yoga studio, we hope you can see and feel the difference.  We pride ourselves on creating an individualised group training environment.

We have introduced our 3 and 6 month unlimited bundles which a few of you have jumped on!  This is by far your most cost effective way to train with Karmea.  If you are on a training programme with us, you receive 20% off these bundles also – we are practically giving sessions away!! 🙂



It seems that a few people thought our bundles expire too quickly. 12 weeks is standard if not generous of us. But, we understand that situations arise that may mean you miss out on training for a time.  Always speak to us as we are happy to extend bundles by a few weeks to allow you to use your sessions.

Please note however that we do not extend bundles if you just can’t be arsed to come to sessions!  We are here to encourage, inspire, and coach you to be the best you can be. Motivation is something that you must find within yourself 🙂  If the thought of losing money on sessions isn’t enough to get you training, then maybe rethink your goals!



Expect to see more on the social side of Karmea as this is something that has been lacking in recent months. It all falls to one person to sort this, Me, and I have taken my eye off the ball due to, well, LIFE.  Yep, even your coaches get overloaded at times. If anyone fancies an unpaid but highly appreciated role as social secretary (or even if you’d like to organise a once-off event) then just speak to me 🙂 Always happy to return time given to our community with some free sessions!


As always, our ears are open to comments and suggestions. Karmea exists for you, our community.

Here’s to many sweaty adventures in 2017,

Coach SA


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25 January 2017

By Sarah Anne