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Gain more balance and focus in your life. F eel energised, calm, focused & more in touch with your body.

Welcome to the EMBA revolution.


Join Karmea Coach Sarah Anne and Energy Coach Kyla for a class that truly balances the working out you do in life and sport with the perfect level of working in. emba uses movement and stretches alongside deep guided meditations to fire up energy meridians within your body to increase your performance throughout your all aspects of your life and balance out the stress in your body.


Through a series of powerful movement patterns (similar to yoga and pilates), crystal energy, meditation and breathing exercises, we work to release any limiting blocks within your body, mind and soul, bringing you abundance, belief, clarity, purpose and freedom.


Choose from a 2 hour workshop that works to realign your entire being, a 7 week intensive course that balances mind and body with one energy centre focus each week or a 1hr regular weekly practice in which you can put aside your stresses and bring your mind and body back into calming alignment.



emba Meditation
Experience the energy and power of emba in a one hour meditation and movement class. The shifts that clients have experienced from this limited time with emba has been amazing. Groups are limited to 12 people so that each participant can achieve optimum results and ask any questions to fully understand what emba can bring into your work, rest and play! 
Price : FREE

Friday 25 July & Friday 15 August  6:30pm-7:30pm.  Location : Karmea Studio Space, North Head



7 Week Balancing Journey
Working on one chakra per week to total immerse you in the emba energy. The 7 week package includes, 7 x one hour emba sessions (limited to 12 people guided by 2 coaches), crystal healing kit, personal email and phone support with your guides, and a comprehensive coaching manual, including weekly meditations, recipes, exercises. 
Price just $175



2 Hour Alignment Workshop
Bring your entire body back into alignment in 2 hours with this emba workshop. The 2 hour coached workshop includes, crystal healing kit, post workshop personal email and phone support with your guides, and a coaching manual covering the work done during the sessions, including meditations, recipes, exercises and crystal layouts. 
Price $75

DATE : Saturday 19 July 2:00-4:00PM








    Clients testimonials

    " Your gentle, accepting way of working with all of us allowed me to suspend any resistance, accept new ways of thinking and being, and find higher connections to align my mind, body and soul. As a result, I began to really believe that anything is possible." 
    Sarah, Sydney NSW
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