From climbing to cornering, get confident on your bike. New dates coming soon

Join us for our series of Karmea Cycling Technique Workshops!

Each session will focus on a specific area of riding technique to optimise your efficiency, improve handling and confidence and build strength and power on the bike.

Join us in the beautiful, quiet surrounds of North Head, Manly to level up your riding. All levels welcomed.


1. Cleat Confidence – 

Are you to scared of making the transition to cleats and clipping into your bike?  You are not alone!  This is one of the most common worries amongst new cyclists. But did you know there are huge power benefits from being attached to your bike? Let us guide you through some easy to pick up techniques and cues, that will see you throwing away your flat pedals in no time.


2. Pedal Power – 

Neglecting pedalling technique can result in losing potential power and wasting needless energy on your rides. Join us for a 90min session that focuses on this often overlooked aspect of cycling. Learn how the correct technique can help enable the correct muscle engagement, maximise efficiency, and naturally help to build power and strength on the bike.


3. Cornering with Confidence – 

Cornering is an essential skill for cyclists. Learning how to optimise your approach, what line to hold through the corner, how to position your body on the bike, and how to choose your exit, are key techniques that flow into one smooth efficient move. Dropping to much speed when cornering is common, but with simple effective drills and practice, you can learn to corner with confidence on the flat and when descending.


4. Climbing and Descending – 

Ok at riding but finding the hills still scare you? We often find that descending with safety and confidence is one skill that many cyclists lack.  This 90min workshop will help you master how to climb and descend.  We will cover the importance of gear selection, body position, braking, cornering and choosing your line. Basic skills practice will be done first on shallow hills before moving to steeper hills.


Starting with theory and application indoors on our turbo trainers, we then move outside to put it into practice on the road. We will be riding within the quiet roads of North Head Sanctuary so this workshop is perfect for all levels of confidence.


What to bring:

  • Your bike – in good working order, tyres pumped (road bikes preferable, please email if you have questions)
  • Cycle shoes ( trainers for cleat confidence session)
  • Helmet
  • Spare tubes, tyre levers and pump
  • 2 x water bottles
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather and cycling – gloves and sun glasses essential
  • Please ensure you have a bell on your bike as we will be on open roads


Cost = $30 per workshop or book in for all 4 workshops in the series for $99

Limited to just 10 people so please book in early to avoid disappointment.


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