Free talks and workshops for our Karmea Community. Next event coming soon!

Our HUB TALKS are held monthly at the Hub on North Head. They are free to attend and aimed at creating inspirational and information filled events for all.


Join us for our free running-focused April Hub Talk with Ben Hutton from Mcconnell Physiotherapy in Mosman.  Ben is Physio to Karmea coaches Sarah Anne and Warren, and the go-to man for many of their athletes and clients.  This practical 90 minute workshop will take you through everything from avoiding and managing common running injuries, to taping a dodgy knee, and the benefits of ART (active release technique).


Have you ever asked yourself if running is bad for my knees?  Should I run through pain?  What do I do for a dodgy achillies tendon? What running shoes are best? Why is ITB rolling so damn painful? Can drinking organic wallaby wee reduce my 10km race time? 🙂    All this, and more as Ben brings his unique humour and no nonsense chat to North Head.


Ben is a specialist lower limb Physiotherapist with a keen interest in Knee/Hip pain, running biomechanics, and dispelling myths and shonky advice!  This workshop will involve loads of practical advice, evidence-based information, the latest on tendinopathy and how to tape a knee if its feeling a bit wobbly.


Join us for an 90min talk with some hands on practical demonstrations so you can feel the benefits of ART for yourself.


Cost : FREE

Spaces are limited so please book online or at reception on your next visit.



Ben has been practicing since 2001. benHe began his career treating coal miners in the Hunter Valley and then worked in the city of London for 6 years. On returning to Sydney joined the McConnell Physiotherapy group and has a special interest in knee and back pain

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