Learn to run easier, longer, faster

Are you struggling to relax when you run?  Does it feel like hard work?  Do you want to learn how to conserve energy, avoid injury and run longer distances? If you want to run easier, faster and longer then this workshop is for you.

Karmea’s Free Flow Run Technique Workshop held monthly at our studio on North Head, Manly, brings balance and harmony to your running.  We teach you a low impact technique that compliments the body’s natural movement patterns.  The free flow style of running links together posture, core and the power of gravity to provide you with a fluid run style that naturally builds speed and endurance.

The workshop covers the following:

  • Detailed video analysis of your current running form
  • Theory behind good running technique
  • Practical progressive drills broken down step-by-step
  • Detailed video analysis of your new running form at the end of the workshop

We use detailed video analysis to show you the key areas for improvement within your current running style, and the difference in your technique after just 3 hours at the workshop.  As with any new movement pattern, it takes time for the neural pathways to strengthen, so we provide you with a guide to progressing past the workshop as well as discount on follow up sessions in the future.

“This workshop gives you the foundation you need to run and avoid injury which every runner should know.” – Adrian, Manly NSW

“I know that it will improve my running astronomically and after watching the videos we all agreed that it was such a marked improvement in just 2hrs”. – Patris, Manly NSW

This 3 hour workshop provides you with the drills and techniques required to take your running to the next level.

Dates : 10 June.

Suitability : beginner to current runner

Cost : $90

Can’t make the next workshop or need help urgently?? One on One sessions are also available.  Contact us for more details at

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