Working with you to create a more efficient freestyle stroke. New dates coming soon!

Join us for an hour in the ocean and learn to swim with less fight and more speed!  Our series of workshops will teach you key essential skills for ensuring your stroke is efficient, powerful, fluid, and fast.


1.  Efficiency and Alignment – 

The basics of all good swim technique starts with how you are aligned in the water. Is your body causing unnecessary drag? Are you wasting energy with poor balance?  This hour will focus on putting you in the most efficient position you can be, and start you feeling the necessity of being ‘unbalanced but stable’ in the water.


2. Propulsion and Power – 

There are some key areas for power in your stroke, but they may not be where you think!  Many swimmers use their arms and legs incorrectly when swimming, chewing up energy and causing unnecessary splash and resistance.  Swimming should be a whole body experience, timing is everything, and you need to ensure you are working with the water and not against it. The H2O will always win!


3. Breathe Easy- 

One of the most common issues we hear from swimmers is around breathing.  But, there are some key elements to your body alignment, position, and breath management that need to be in place before you even think about turning your head towards the air.  Join us for an hour in the water where we focus purely on the essentials skills for breathing with more ease, and flow.


4. Open Water Specifics – 

This is a high energy session for the end of our series! Adapting your stroke for open water is essential if you want to swim in the ocean, or compete in swimming events.  Learn some key changes that need to be in place, how to sight, how to enter and exit the water, buoy turns, and how to conserve energy in the swim by utilising those around you!


What to bring: swim suit, cap, goggles, wetsuit, water and money for a hot cuppa afterwards!


Cost = $25 per workshop or book in for all 4 workshops in the series for $79

Limited to just 10 people so please book in early to avoid disappointment.

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