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The Karmea coaching team’s passion and experience in endurance sport, teamed with knowledge and personal practice of living what they preach, allows them to create an integated approach to your personal event training programme. Bringing a focussed, balanced and outcome based training style, ensures you reach the start line of your event, in peak condition, feeling strong, confident and ready to race.


Our coaches practice what they preach, living and breathing the sports they coach, racing for many years at a competitive level, and their dedication to their own training and healthy lifestyle is evident.


We look forward to meeting you!

Sarah Anne founded Karmea to give people access to a more integrated way of approaching their health and performance. Her…

His sports experience and achievements make him one of the most motivating coaches you’ll ever find. He has swum, run…

Lisa’s knowledge of the body and how it’s built for movement is evident in her coaching. Her extensive training experience…

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