Yoga Teacher

For Acacia, the Yoga journey continues to be one of the most important aspects of her life. She draws from the philosophy daily so she can live from her heart.


Completing her first training in 2009 with Power Living, she then went on to study and develop her practice through workshops and teacher trainings, here and overseas. After an advanced training course with Duncan Peak in 2012 she then went on to teach with Power living. It was in this time that her love of Yin yoga began to transform her understanding of yoga and its philosophies.


Training in fluid movement is what keep Acacia so interested in health and movement. Acacia wants her students to know that their yoga practice is a very personal journey and that she is there to hold the space for each student to explore. Not one class will be the same, as not one moment is the same. Some days it’s as simple as breath and movement. Other days we need time to dive deeper, to seek out the stillness amongst life’s daily stress. She also encourages students not take it all too seriously. Health and wellness can come without pressure!


When Acacia is not teaching or practicing yoga she is  studying human biology at university, looking after her one year old daughter and enjoying the Northern Beaches lifestyle.