Yoga Teacher

Ange believes our health and how we treat ourselves (what we eat, how we move and what we think) is reflection of our own self-worth. Life is about relationships and none is more important than the one we have with ourselves. By combining her yoga and psychology training she seeks to guide people to their optimal physical, mental and emotional health.


Angela discovered Yoga 9 years ago to complement her running and resistance training. She soon noticed her posture improve and knee injuries subsided, whilst building strength and increasing her flexibility. The most profound benefit – the quietening of her busy mind. Yoga became her refuge. Regardless of how crazy life was – all the demands, expectations, triumphs and disappointments were left behind. 


Her passion and curiosity led her undertake training in yoga and mindfulness meditation and she ultimately left the stress and ‘shackles’ of corporate career to become a Yoga Teacher and study psychology full time.  


Ange’s classes find a balance between accepting ones limitations and delving deep to expand the edges of our comfort zone. Encouraging students to both honour their strengths and enjoy some sweet surrender.


Off the yoga mat Ange loves to explore the outdoors and feed her curious mind by continually learning about nutrition, people and movement.