Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Nicolas Rivers

Ben's own personal journey means he lives by his motto "Get your mind, body and spirit in sync and achieve the unthinkable!"

Ben believes when you can work doing what you love, you are truly blessed. For him massage therapy is just that.  He really enjoys helping people understand and get in tune with their bodies.  Ben uses massage as a tool to feel and relieve those parts of you that are being over worked. Noticing the imbalances and working to bring them back into alignment is what he loves to do.

Working with local physiotherapy clinics has given Ben a great grounding in biomechanics and injury management, which is great for all of his private clients. He recently introduced Hands2Heart, a massage course for couples where they learn massage techniques they can practice, use on each other, and increase the connection between them at the same time.

He also happens to like a bit of sport. Hit it, ride it, race it, crash it, that’s the motto. Having started in professional golf, Ben then found triathlon, competing at world championship level.  Doing 100km trail walkers, 24hr mtb races, Coolangatta Gold, various running events and playing tennis is just how he likes to spend his spare time. He is also a qualified swim coach through Total immersion and Instyle Swimming.

Ben’s practice is based at the Karmea Multisport Hub on North Head.

Book your massage direct with Ben by calling 0412 850 118