Fitness & Strength Coach

Lisa’s knowledge of the body and how it’s built for movement is evident in her coaching. Her extensive training experience and her adaptation to her clients’ needs, means she is able to coach in subtle yet effective ways. If you’ve attended one of Lisa’s sunrise sessions at the hub, then you certainly know your muscles have been worked. Lisa’s classes are well known for using minimal equipment, utilising the body’s natural movement patterns for resistance alongside optimal cardio, to see transformations in strength, tone and weight.

Lisa lives and breathes the Karmea life. She looks after her body with nutritious whole foods, strengthens with corrective appropriate exercise and looks after the working in aspect as well with plenty of sleep and relaxation. This balance means that she is able to take on her passion for endurance sport with energy and tenacity!

She is an accomplished triathlete, experienced long distance runner, and has a passion for anything muddy! Adventure racing, 24hr mountain biking, extreme off road running; if it’s got obstacles, mud and hills, then Lisa is a happy bunny.


  • Cert IV Master Trainer
  • Boot Camp Instructor


  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Cooking
  • Growing fresh veggies!