• Name :
    Melanie Tully
  • By day :
    Personal Trainer, Outdoor Group Fitness Trainer, Busy Mum, General shouty person
  • By night :
    Exhausted couched potato
  • Superpower :
    Pilates is my emerging superpower.  I’m training as a Pilates instructor and am enjoying reaping the benefits in my own body.
  • Weakness/kryptonite :
    Hot buttered thick white toast with strawberry jam
  • Arch Enemy:
    Lactate threshold efforts on the bike….ugh – vomit!
  • Which Hub session increases your superhero abilities and why?

    Turbo classes are hands down the best way to improve bike strength,
    efficiency and mental stamina.  Pilates is the secret weapon every athlete needs – without a rock solid core and good postural alignment, I don’t believe you can reach your full superhero potential.
  • What motto do you live by?
    There’s no traffic on the extra mile!