Credit richardmcgibbon.com
  • Name :
    Oliver Kristevic
  • By day :
    Climate Risk Analyst
  • By night :
    Mountain biker, surfer.
  • Superpower :
    Riding downhill, changing light globes without a stepladder
  • Weakness/kryptonite :
    I have chicken wings instead of arms
  • Arch enemy :
    Low hanging branches
  • Which Hub session increases your superhero abilities and why?
    TRX – should really be BOX (as in, in the box) and all round hurtbox session to strengthen up your core and other wilting muscles. Also, great for developing your form and mental conditioning as well.
  • What’s your greatest adventure?
    Hmmmmmmmmm, two stories spring to mind.

    1. Carrying a guy who had peeled his thigh open down to his knee up the scree slope on the the top of Mount 7 in Golden, BC in the middle of a lightning storm.
    2. Riding up to the top of the singing pass trail in late October on the full moon to do the dawn run down. 3.5 hours climbing, 40 minute descent, -8 degrees at the top. Frozen toe covers on my shoes.

  • What motto do you live by?
    “When people grow up they forget the way*.” (Wendy Darling, from Peter Pan, *how to fly)