• Name :
    Rob Juric
  • By day :
    Full-time dad and househusband
  • By night :
    Football (soccer) fanatic
  • Superpower :
    Stairs running, bike riding, push ups and planks.
  • Weakness/kryptonite :
    Chocolate and Zooper Doopers.
  • Arch enemy :
    Chin ups, burpees, and long distance running.
  • Which Hub session increases your superhero abilities and why?
    TurboX Brick because it has it all – bike training, running intervals and core exercises.
  • What’s your greatest adventure?
    Conquering Tough Mudder, and taking 12 months sabbatical to be a full time dad.
  • What motto do you live by?
    There is no substitute for hard work.