Sports & Remedial Massage

“A balanced body is the key to continuous improvement”.  By ensuring you are taking care of you are body with regular working in to balance out your working out, you get results, remain injury free, and have a better understanding of what your body needs.  


Massage should play a key role in your recovery from training. Our  holistic approach to massage not only deals with the aches and niggles that arise through training and life, it also works on unraveling the patterns that cause injuries and imbalance in the first place.


Ben Wearing from Hands 2 Heart Massage is Karmea’s in-house therapist based at the Hub in Manly. Ben is an athlete who understands how you train, and the load your body is under.  He has a great grounding in what makes the body move and how it compensates when one muscle or joint becomes over worked. Myotherapy treatment takes into consideration not only your muscles structure, but goes deeper into your functional movement, fascia, nerve lines, meridians. This technique brings about quicker and longer lasting results, allowing you to keep training, rather than being stuck on the sidelines.


Ben uses a combination of  sports, remedial, deep tissue and SLM techniques to treat common and complex injuries like:

  • Achilles tendonopathy
  • Plantar Fascia
  • ITB friction syndrome
  • Chronic back pain
  • Rotator Cuff impingements
  • Tennis elbow
  • Headaches and Sore necks


Appointments available for massage in Manly:

MONDAY:  9am-7pm

TUESDAY: 9am-6pm

WEDNESDAY: 1pm-7pm

THURSDAY: 9am-7pm

FRIDAY: 9am-5pm

SATURDAY: 9am-5pm


Cost : $80 per hour

Health Fund rebates available.

If you want your body to perform and feel better, then book in your next massage with Ben.

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