TRX Strength Training

Increase your strength, flexibility and agility in all sports with TRX

When a piece of equipment is designed by the US Navy SEALs you know it’s going to be a serious method of training. The TRX Suspension trainer delivers an integrated full body session that develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.


For multisport athletes and cyclists who don’t want to bulk up, the TRX is perfect for building strong lean muscle, increases muscular endurance, and improving flexibility, and should form an essential foundation to your training for injury prevention and core stability.


Our 60min TRX classes in Manly, utilises your own body weight in functional exercises that increase stamina, build strength and improve performance in your chosen sport. By simply adjusting your body position to increase of decrease resistance, you are in total control of how hard you push yourself. For those that love a challenging workout, these sessions wil not dissapoint. The TRX works your entire body from small stabilising muscles to larger functional muscles, and builds a rock solid core with exercises that train your abdominals in a functional and innovative way. Prepare to meet your core!


TRX classes are suitable for those looking to improve overall fitness and body strength alongside athletes of all levels. Our TRX classes at our studio in Manly are smaller in numbers so that we can focus on perfect technique that is often overlooked.


CLASSES : Monday 6PM-7PM, Thursday 7PM-8PM

DURATION : 60mins

MAX : 8 people


Booking essential due to our small focussed class sizes.

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