Guide to Winter Riding Kit

How to keep warm, dry and happy out on your bike, whatever the weather.

As winter approaches and the temperature drops, it’s easy to play the ‘it’s too cold’ card when your early morning alarm goes off. But seriously, Sydney isn’t that cold over winter. You just need to learn how to layer up for a comfortable ride…and get out there!

Here’s some guidance on what to wear whilst riding your bike in these colder, wetter months.  Nailing your layering will keep you warm, comfortable, more efficient, and most importantly, avoid you getting sick and having to stop training.


Key things to note:

  • A major factor in getting cold on the bike the wind chill created as we move swiftly through the air, hence windproofing is vital
  • It’s critically important to keep your torso warm, (as opposed to your legs)
  • What if you have an unplanned stop?  Consider carrying a thin windproof shell to put on if you have to stop to fix punctures, have breakfast, etc
  • Wear bright colours for visibility, especially in low light conditions
  • Check the Bureau of Meteorology forecast before heading out
  • Everyone is different, what’s warm for some is cold for others, and vice-versa


Minimum recommended purchases:

  • Windproof gilet
  • Arm warmers / long sleeved base layer
  • Knee warmers / tights
  • Toe covers
  • A simple outdoor thermometer stuck to the outside of your window to check before you head out


What to wear at different temperatures:

The table below assumes no rain.  If rain is expected, always take a thin waterproof / windproof jacket to throw on top, as the effect of windchill dramatically increases when wet.

winter layering

Keep in mind that wind chill can dramatically lower the temperature.  Rain will require a waterproof layer so investing in a good quality rain jacket is a key item for any cyclist.  Note – buy cheap and you buy twice!


See you on the bike

Coach Warren


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18 May 2016

By Warren Evans




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