Hung up on the numbers

Are you a slave to numbers?  Yep, we're talking the numbers on the scales, the constant calorie counting of food 'on' versus what you exercise 'off'.  It's enough to make you dizzy.


So many of us follow restrictive diet and exercise plans that mean we are constantly weighing what we eat, reading the numbers on labels to work out protein, fat or calories, and working out how long we have to sweat it out in the gym if we want to indulge.  Have you been good all week long only to head for the ‘weigh in’ and be crushed by the numbers on the scales and console yourself with chocolate, vowing never to have a meal out with friends again!

Wow, we are hard on ourselves!  We stress over something that should come naturally to us.  We need to eat to live and we are designed to move. Just look at those lovely limbs with their joints and muscles, and the strength contained in you torso (hour glass, pear, rectangle, triangle, whatever your body shape!!). We are constructed to walk, lift, jump, push, pull and generally bound through life, consuming lots of yummy real whole food to fuel our bodies!

When we are ruled by numbers we will only get disappointed, bored with the constant weighing and counting, and eventually give up.

How about listening to your body?  We are so used to hearing the body complain; bloating, tiredness, illness, aches and pains, that we forget to listen for signs that the body is happy.

I invite you to throw away the scales and not weigh in for one month.  Go cold turkey!  Keep eating real whole foods (not packaged and processed non foods) and moving your body each day. But, instead of being a slave to the scales, listen to your body and feel the changes.

Feel how your clothes are a little less snug, feel the increase in energy and strength, look in the mirror and see how radiant your complexion is, how much has your digestion improved, the list of THANK YOU’S from your body will be endless.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom from the numbers and the liberating feeling of knowing your body LOVES YOU!  Then you can see why it’s important to love it back.

06 August 2014

By Sarah Anne




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