Tips for a healthy Christmas

If the thought of the festive season makes you slightly worried then you’re not alone.

Many of us see our healthy eating habits and fitness regime slide due to the numerous parties and festivities.  We feel like January will mean starting all over again.

Well, fear not.  Karmea is here to help you maintain that positive karma with our Top 10 healthy hints and tricks, helping you keep on track whilst still enjoying the holiday season.

Tip 1 – Sleep
If you know you’ll be having late nights over the holidays then make sure you maximise the number of nights that you can get to bed early.  Aim to get as many +7.5hr sleeps in as you can, getting to bed around 10pm to make the most of those gold hours before midnight.  That way the body will be better able to handle the inevitable shorter sleeps and those hormones will stay in check!

Tip 2 – Hydrate
Alcohol tends to be a big focus around Christmas.  If you can’t avoid it, then ensure you drink plenty of water prior to going out and alternate one alcoholic drink with one glass of water.  Never drink on an empty stomach, and make sure to eat something before you go out if you know it will be a while till food is served.  Pure filtered water will help flush out any unwanted toxins, and keep your body and brain hydrated.

Tip 3 – Move
Keep your body moving as much as you can with regular walks, jogs, runs, circuit training and yoga.  Head to the ocean for a refreshing dip, or take a walk on your favourite trail to clear the mind and renew the spirit.  Keeping moving will help keep your mind positive, your body active, and aid digestion and toxin elimination.  Aim for 30 minutes a day, but make it enjoyable.

Tip 4Smaller Portions
Keep an eye on your portion size, and say no to seconds.  If you know your metabolic type, ensure your plate has the right proportion of carbs vs proteins vs fats.  Fuel your movement and not your sleep, with lovely long lazy breakfasts and lunches, and eat lighter evening meals.

Tip 5 – Get Some Sunlight
Vitamin D is not only responsible for healthy bones and joins, it helps with the regeneration of cells, hormone regulation, a healthy immune system and absorption of food.  Spend some time in the sunlight over the holidays to keep you energised.  20 minutes 3 times a week before 10am or after 4pm with NO sunglasses is best.  That way you can avoid sunscreen, and maximise vitamin D absorption.  If you feel tired avoid slapping on the sunnies to hide the dark circles, exposing your eyes to sunlight will balance your pineal gland, and get your sleepy hormones in check.

Tip 6 – Relaxation
Christmas is all about being social and seeing family and friends.  In all the craziness, make sure that you take some time for you.  Relax with a good book, walk on the beach, or just it still for a while and breathe!

Tip 7 – Avoid Gluten
A sure way to stay focused and invigorated is to try to avoid gluten as much as possible.   Gluten can leave you feeling bloated, sluggish and fatigued and if you feel like this you are more likely to go on the hunt for a pick me up in the form of sugary treats.  Stay away from, or limit your intake of bread, cakes, pasta and pastries as much as you can.

Tip 8 – Don’t Get Stressed
Relax!  ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so enjoy giving your brain some time off from worrying about every mouthful.  Keep a positive frame of mind, and avoid situations where you know you will be challenged.

Tip 9 – Don’t go Hungry
Turning up to a social occasion hungry will inevitably lead to you tucking into things you shouldn’t.  Try to eat little and often over the holidays to keep the metabolism ticking along, and avoid hunger pangs which lead to cravings.

Tip 10 – Set New Healthy Intentions
Set new healthy intentions for the new year to help motivate you to stay on track with your health and fitness.  Keep that wonderful vision of you achieving your dreams in mind when that second mince pie or glass of wine is wafted under your nose!


Happy Holidays!

10 November 2016

By Sarah Anne




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