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If you have a running goal then laying a strong foundation of technique should be the first place you start.  If you are new to running, or chasing your next PB, good technique can help you conserve energy, avoid injury, run longer distances, and naturally build speed.


Karmea’s Free Flow Run Technique sessions help to bring balance and harmony to your running.  Working with a coach one on one allows you to focus in on your specific areas for improvement. We teach you a low impact technique that compliments the body’s natural movement patterns.  The free flow style of running links together posture, core and the power of gravity to provide you with a fluid run style that naturally builds speed and endurance.


The session covers the following:


  • Detailed video analysis of your current running form
  • Theory behind good running technique
  • Practical progressive drills broken down step-by-step
  • Detailed video analysis of your new running form at the end of the session


We use detailed video analysis to show you the key areas for improvement within your current running style, and the difference in your technique after just 90minutes.  As with any new movement pattern, it takes time for the neural pathways to strengthen, so we provide you with a guide to progressing past the session.


This 90minute one on one session provides you with the drills and techniques required to take your running to the next level.


Suitability : beginner to current runner

Cost : $90


We also hold monthly workshops. Check out our up coming dates here.

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