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If you struggle to find the ease and joy with your swimming, or you’re looking for the edge when it comes to your performance in the water then Karmea can help.  

We specialise in adult swim stroke correction using a whole body freestyle technique. 


This method of swimming from the core, enables you to move through the water with slippery ease, reduce fatigue on your body and cover more distance with less effort.   If you are swimming for triathlon, then this is the perfect stroke as it leaves you fresh and composed ready to tackle the rest of your race.


Karmea’s coaches have a passion for swimming based on our own extensive experience practicing this technique.  It allowed us to release our inner swimmer enabled us to put the flow and enjoyment back into our swimming, gave us the confidence to go for longer distances and saw a marked improvement in our swim times.


All of our coaching is in the open water, in the many stunning rock pools on the northern beaches.  (We recomend a wetsuit in the colder months)  If you have access to a private pool then we are more than happy to coach you closer to home.


Our coaching comes in three formats:


5x30min foundational session programme – geared towards building your stroke from a strong foundation of balance and alignment. We take you from the basics of balance and alignment through to breathing, in small focussed drills that build up each week to create your new streamlined freestyle stroke. Investing the maximum time in your technique for the greatest results.  Suitable for beginners wishing to progress their current swimming or for intermediate/advance swimmers looking to strip back their existing stroke and learn a new way of swimming.


TOP DOWN – $90

1x40min top down session – a highlighting session to brush up key elements of your existing stroke that need refining.  Perfect for when you feel something just ‘isn’t right’.  Works well for those who are already competent swimmers or those that have limited time and budget.


TUNE UP: $64

For swimmers that have previously received coaching from us – designed to keep your swimming in top shape, iron out any bad habits and ensure you are continuing on your path of progressive learning.


Within each session we film your technique and the key drills to enable you to see for yourself how you move and relate to the water. Emails notes and feedback follow each session.

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