Athlete Coaching

Personalised training plans for your next event

Karmea performance coaching programmes will help get you to the start of your event in peak condition and ready to race.


Our coaches have a background in the real world of training and competing, whilst managing full time jobs and a packed life outside of sport.  This experience gives us a unique understanding of how to get the balance right between training and other commitments, without sacrificing your drive to be the best athlete you can be. Smarter training programmes make the most of your precious time, and make each session count. All Karmea Performance Coaching comes with philosophy of integrating nutrition and recovery into your plans, ensuring you are reaching optimal levels both physically and mentally.


Fully personalised programme, delivered online, weekly coaching calls, 20% discount off other Karmea services and technical sports kit. Access to our VIP athlete portal, discount and offers from our coaching partners.

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